June Gardening Tip

Be inspired. June is a fantastic time to visit gardens and learn from the masters. I have lots of plant books, but it’s often difficult to see what the plant really looks like from a book. How densely does it grow, how big are the blooms, how much does it get blown about in the wind, what are the best ways to tie or support it? All of these things are easiest picked up in real life, not books.

So, where to start? The National Trust is a great one for families because they often have play areas, tea rooms and activities for the kids so you don’t get moaned at for taking them to a “boring old garden”. Annual membership is reasonably priced if you manage 5 visits in a year. Plus you get free car parking at beaches and beauty spots all around the country.

A slightly cheaper option is to search for ‘Open Gardens’ online and you are sure to find local gardens open for charity. Where I live Thames Valley air ambulance organise lots of open gardens as a fundraiser. 

Or you can go to the National Garden Society which has a directory of lots of open gardens all over the country.

STOP PRESS: this Sunday 18th June visit Charles Dowding’s amazing no-dig garden. Details here.

When you visit a garden, take lots of pictures, ask for the plant names or look for them when you get home. Of course, no garden visit is complete without tea and cake to help you take in all you’ve seen.

The photos above were taken at Collaton Fishacre and Grey Court House, both National Trust.

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