Plastic Free July

Did you know that up to 12 million tons of plastic waste enter our oceans every year? As well as rolling up on our beaches as ugly looking rubbish, it is causing real problems for marine wildlife. Surveys have found that 90% of seabirds have ingested plastic, which can’t be good.

In the spirit of the Generous Gardener we want to make small changes to our lives that are kind to us and the planet and offered up in a spirit of gentle generosity. We are not single- handedly going to fix the problem, but we can put our drop in the bucket of everyone’s actions.

Plastic Free July is a great initiative that helps you to do that. I can add nothing really to  their fantastic website, packed full of ideas about how to reduce your impact on this problem by specifically cutting down on single use plastics.

Here’s how I got on trying a couple of their ideas and am aiming to build them into our family life.

Brands, Bin Lining and Bag Washing

Even on the High Street, some brands take avoiding packaging more seriously than others. Lush beauty products are either in a bring back tub, or wrapped in paper.

This deodorant is not cheap, but the last block of this I had lasted a whole year. I keep it in a clip lock box once the paper wrapper’s off.

I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before, but often I am casual about  a plastic bag at the till because I will use it to line the bin.  This is not good logic, I may as well be buying bin bags, which are probably cheaper than 5p.

Instead, line your bin with newspaper. It might mean buying a smaller bin so it works, but that can help you cut down on waste too.

Single use plastic doesn’t have to be single use if you reuse it. It’s easy to wash your plastic sandwich bags.  In an idea world we would cut them out altogether, but we do what we can. Here are our bags drying by the sink.


Much as we try, I don’t think my busy family will ever manage plastic free, but it took 5 minutes to make popcorn to take to the cinema and put it in a previously used and washed bag. Job done and £3.95 for cinema popcorn avoided too.

IMG_20170715_130548If you want to keep up to date with posts from the Generous Gardener, the easiest way is to follow us on Facebook here.  I’ll be updating this post with more ideas from Plastic Free July as the month goes on.

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